OVER slabs are all made in fine porcelain with Continua+ technology.
The production process of fine porcelain begins with the grinding of a mixture of top quality raw materials (clay, sands, feldspar, kaolin) which leads to the creation of a liquid compound that is commonly called “slip”. The slip is finely atomised until it becomes a fine and homogeneous granular powder mixture that is suitable for pressing. After the formation of the slab by pressing the mixture, the subsequent firing at a temperature higher than 1,250° C permits the vitrification necessary to give porcelain its exceptional hardness, strength, compactness, impermeability and resistance to frost that render it unique. OVER produces 160×320 cm rectified and 162×324 cm not rectified slabs under the BIa group, defined by the UNI EN ISO standard as that with the best technical characteristics (absorption <0.1 %, breaking load> 1300 Newton, maximum regularity and dimensional stability, etc.). In the decoration phase, OVER products lean on the DJS system (Digital Jet System). In using touch-free equipment for decoration, the refined and complex aesthetic of natural stone, marble, textiles, wood, mosaics and more traditional artisan decorations are able to be reproduced on ceramic with exquisite definition. OVER products also use equipment within the production cycle that can perform line processes such as rectification (perfect squaring of the material) and lapping (polishing of various levels and depths) which add both an aesthetic and technical value to materials.

International Quality Standard that demonstrates the commitment of OVER Fincibec to customer satisfaction
All OVER Fincibec products are CE certified
All OVER Fincibec products are made according to the stringent international and European tile certification standards
Multiple OVER Fincibec articles have obtained the rigorous French product certification
Raw materials used by OVER Fincibec are not harmful for operators or the end user
OVER Fincibec ensures compliance with the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace, and considers them requisite values. The company is constantly committed to preventing accidents in the workplace and protecting the health of its employees.

OVER Fincibec has pursued an attentive corporate environmental policy for many years. The entire production cycle offers special guarantees for environmental protection. All of the products of the group are manufactured using raw materials with low environmental impact, and require limited consumption of natural resources such as water and methane. The electricity used is self-produced through a cogeneration system, which dramatically reduces atmospheric emissions. All wastes are reused in the production cycle. All refuse from activities unrelated to production are carefully collected, differentiated, recycled and disposed of. Every phase of product creation (raw material extraction, glaze preparation, glazing, firing, sorting and packaging) takes place with the utmost respect for man and the environment, through an analysis of the entire product life cycle. The various certifications obtained by OVER products show that the company prioritises having an industrial eco-sustainability model.

In accordance with ISO 14021 requirements, many collections produced by OVER Fincibec contain recycled materials, guaranteeing that architects / designers that use them obtain credits under the LEED building energy eco-evaluation rating system.
OVER Fincibec concretely shows its commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions by funding reforestation projects in underdeveloped countries. This reduces the environmental impact of the production process of its collections, and supports developing economies and populations.
OVER Fincibec products are LEED compliant. LEED is a rating system for the environmental performance of buildings, which promotes integrated and sustainable planning for an entire building throughout its life cycle. The LEED system defines the standards that characterise the environmental impact of the building during the phases of design, construction and maintenance.
OVER Fincibec is a member of the Italy Green Building Council, an association that serves for the consolidation and dissemination of the LEED rating system.
Voluntary environmental product declaration that provides the environmental aspects of a product as obtained through a life cycle analysis (LCA) and verified by an independent entity.